Yellow Fin on 3kg

Mirror glass conditions saw Steve Walls, Glen Senior and Richard Lemon were the first group of anglers to try out the new accommodation and fishing package we are now running out of Kakula Island to the north of Port Vila. The accommodation is first class in the recently opened resort and the fishing matches. In three days the boys managed to tag a marlin, a couple of sails and various other species and got into some ultra light tackle yellow fin action. Trying to pull up yellow fin on 3kg is a hoot. For more info on this and other packages go to the main page of our web site.

This was followed by a week of rough weather for a group of South African spearo’s now residing in Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.

We still managed to get the boys into some great diving with them having a couple of marlin swimming around them at the F.A.D. they managed some good captures of wahoo,yellow fin and mahi-mahi

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