Work Hard and be Good to your Mother

If you work hard in this game you are usually rewarded. Bill & Jenni Davies contacted us some time back and said they were coming to Vanuatu for a holiday and wanted to spend a couple of days fishing. On arrival Leanne my partner made contact with Bill and Jenni to organise the fishing days, lunch requirements and pick up times.
Day one after discussing with Bill what he would like to achieve during the on board safety and tackle briefing we decided to head out to the F.A.D off Devils Point. Bill & Jenni had emphasized that it had been a long term goal of Bill’s to catch a marlin and at least have a pull on a few big fish.
After an hour of lure towing, jigging and baiting we only managed to turn up a small yellow fin and a couple of skippies. From there we headed north to Tuki Tuk F.A.D and onto Blue Hat & 366.
To add insult to injury we tried a couple of baits on the downrigger as we went past Hat Island to have one bitten by a shark and the second not touched. I was monitoring the V.H.F radio during day and heard that Impact had 4 marlin bites and tagged one back at Devils F.A.D so I decided to head back that way. On arrival at the F.A.D there were schools of yellow fin and skipjack tuna everywhere. We were way over head home time however I kept looking however no marlin, just a couple more tuna.
On arrival back at the dock I suggested to Bill and Jenni that we wait a couple of days to see if the fish come back as I wasn’t keen to go and repeat our slow day.
Still not convinced I could turn up a marlin for Bill straight out from Port Vila I decided on an early start and a 40nm trip south to Erromango Sea Mounds. We left the dock at 5am and deployed the lures 5nm short of the mounds at 7am. By 7.20 we were hooked up on a nice blue marlin with Bill in the chair living his dream. The fish put on a great aerial display for all on board with some amazing photo opportunities to be had as well.
Forty minutes later the fish was tagged and released and some high 5’s all round. I never grow tired of my job seeing the joy on someone’s face when they have just caught the fish of their life.

From there we proceeded onto the sea mounds proper where I could see plenty of working birds in random flocks.
Our next hook up was a small wahoo which was a first for Jenni. From there it was onto a couple of yellow fin. Having recently noticing a couple of vacant Vanuatu women’s records for yellow fin it was decided to deploy 4,6,8 and 10kg tackle and turn Jenni into a legend.
In no time we were hooked up on 8kg with Jenni on the rod. She was shortly after hooked up on another skipjack tuna for another record.
Just as we got everything reset and off after the birds again the 10kg outfit started screaming like a tortured banshee. Twenty meters out behind the boat our second marlin was jumping all over the place. This was shot lived as we ended up with too much line out and broke the fish off.

After all the excitement it was time to turn the bow for home to round out a pretty good days fishing.
When I dropped Bill and Jenni back at the resort they were staying at they said something about wanting to do it all again next year.
I’m looking forward to seeing them again, I do have the best job in the world.

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