Vanuatu Marlin Fishing

Marlin fishing is a hugely popular sport through the world. One of the great destinations is Vanuatu. Vanuatu has blue marlin fishing all year round and there are some great boats and operators running day to week long charters out of Port Vila and Santo.

For marlin fishing in Vanuatu the vessels vary in size, some as small as banana boats however the better marlin charter operators are operating vessels from 21ft through to 50ft. There are a number of privately owed vessels large than this however most are not operating commercially.

Tackle on these vessels is usually of very high standard which is essential for marlin fishing because if gear is not spot on the truth is soon revealed. Most operators carry gear from 15kg or 30lb through to 130lb for day charters however a few operators specialise in light and ultra light tackle which can be organized by request. Light and ultra light tackle requires much more experience on the anglers behalf, patience and a lot of shots on blue marlin as one can end up with a lot of bust off’s. Several of the operators in Port Vila are also experienced in Blue Marlin fly fishing. One particular vessel (Nevergiveup) currently holds several world records for marlin on fly.

Some of the more popular techniques used to catch marlin are towing lures, bait and switch, live baiting, skip baiting and drifting dead bait. Most operators will spend time on most charters towing lure or trolling at some stage of a charter. This technique allows you travel to a destination and cover a lot of ground and a lot of area. If for argument sake you wanted to go live baiting at one of the F.A.D,s (Fish Aggregating Device) a lot of skippers would deploy lures on the way and might cover half the 20m trip. This is a great way to utilize travel time and maximises you chances of catching a fish. Another great place for lure fishing is out wide along a trench known as the marlin highway.

The marlin highway has consistently turned up great fishing over many years with marlin, huge yellow fin, wahoo, mahi-mahi, sails and the odd shot billed spear fish turning up. At certain times of the year schools of big yellow fin pass through this area. If you have the good fortune to run across these 40 to 80kh models in schools the size of football fields you are in for an amazing day. When these schools are running the marlin are usually not too far away.

Another exciting technique when you are marlin fishing in Vanuatu is bait and switch. This is a technique where hook less lures or some sort of teaser or teasers are towed and when a marlin appears following or striking the lure or teaser a skilled deckhand or in some cases depending on vessel setup the skipper might retrieve the teaser and the angler then casts or pitches a bait to the fish. If the fish is fired up and keen to eat it will then take the bait and the battle begins. This is a very popular form of fishing as it is a great spectacle seeing the fish follow up to the boat and then take the bait. Usually the hook up rate is fare better that lure fishing as well.

Wild Blue Fishing Charters is one of the leading charter operators in Port Vila. They have 3 charter boats available and run everything from 3 hour reef fishing charters for mum, dad and the kid’s to full on game fishing adventures for up to a week at a time. They also offer on site affordable accommodation for fishing groups that might just want to do day trips out of Port Vila. The fishing ground are within 15 to 20 minutes of the jetty. Vanuatu is still considered to be one of the best blue marlin fisheries in the world and marlin are caught all year round.

For more information on trips like the one above please go to Wild Blue Fishing Charters or Game Fishing Vanuatu:

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