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 Vanuatu Fishing

Vanuatu Fishing With Wild Blue Fishing Charters.

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Are you are coming for a holiday and you want to do some Vanuatu fishing? We would love to help you out. We offer 4, 6, 8 hour, shared charters and multi day trips. We also offer fishing and accommodation packages. Wild Blue fishing Charters have lots of options to choose from and our very skilled team are only too happy to look after your fishing requirements while you are in Vanuatu Fishing.

Some of the best benefits about Vanuatu Fishing is the close proximity to the fishing ground. There is some great fishing only a very short distance from the jetty. We can fish most days of the year due to location of the island of Efate which is where the capital, Port Vila is located.

Use Stormbird for fishing charters in vanuatu Shogun is fully equiped for fishing charters in Vanuatu Shogun is another option for going to Vanuatu Fishing

Vanuatu Fishing

We are situated right in the heart of town and there is great fishing to be had just out of Port Vila. We some days catch wahoo and sail fish in as close as the channel markers that are 5 minutes from throwing the lines off and heading out fishing for the day.

If you want to do a short trip we offer 4 hours which can be a combination of reef fishing and game fishing or you might want to spend 4 hours chasing the bigger fish out wider along the 1000m line and around the F.A.D’s. “Fish Aggregating Device”. On a 4 hour charter you are only going to have enough time to visit one F.A.D’s and this is weather dependent.

Marlin caught when fishing in Vanuatu Yellow fin in Vanuatu fishing seasons fishing charters in Vanuatu for mahi-mahi


Vanuatu Fishing on Shogun With E.T

For the longer charters we can get a lot further afield. We can get up north and fish around Hat Island and along the marlin highway which is the name given to the deep trench that runs hundreds of miles north and south which we have access to straight out from Port Vila. Visit

The species available whilst you are in Vanuatu Fishing range from small tuna such as mackerel tuna and bonito which come in quite close and can be great for the kids to catch in relatively sheltered water to big yellow fin that turn up in the 80 to 100 kg mark when in season. We also catch stripped, black and blue marlin with blue being the most commonly caught. These can range from 69kg through to in excess of 450kg. Yes there has been a few grander’s caught here by people fishing in Vanuatu.

Fishing charters in Vanuatu provide plenty of action a tagged marlin , we see lots doing fishing charters in Vanuatu Fishing charters in Vanuatu provide plenty of tagged marlin

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 The Boats We Use For Doing Port Vila Fishing Tours

We have 1 boats available with lots of different fishing options and even if you are coming to Vanuatu fishing and if you are arriving on a cruise boat we can take care of you.

If you need more information about Vanuatu fishing talk to the experts.

Thinking of doing multi days, we can take you in different directions and different locations with each day using different techniques of fishing if that’s what you want to do. It’s entirely up to you however we will help you with suggestions on what has been hot at the time.  Once again species tend to change as the seasons change.

We also offer discount accommodation and fishing packages. If you need more information on Port Vila fishing tours go HERE or contact us now.

We pride ourselves in great friendly service when doing fishing charters in Vanuatu and all our fishing crew are fully licensed by the Vanuatu Maritime Authority and are first aid trained. All our vessels are top notch and in current Vanuatu survey. Visit

Stormbird is fully equiped for Vanuatu fishing Use Shogun for Vanuatu Fishing Shogun is another option for Vanuatu fishing

Vanuatu Fishing

Wahoo are caught frequently along with mahi-mahi sail fish, short billed spearfish. All these species are season dependent. You can contact us for more info about what’s being caught and when.

The species you will catch when you come to Vanuatu fishing will vary through the year due to the different fishing seasons and water temperatures and the bait that’s about at the time. Some of the common species we see are wahoo, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna and we tag and release 3 x species of marlin as with sailfish. See our Vanuatu Fishing Seasons For more detail. Visit

As mentioned earlier we have great fishing and accommodation deals available, we have a dormitory style accommodation for small groups of anglers which is perfect for 4 anglers to fish in comfort with the maximum number being six. More than 6 anglers on the boat is just not practical and gets cramped even though our accommodation will sleep eight.

For couples or small families our studio accommodation is perfect with a double bed and a fold out couch that makes another double or a comfy single.

Both these accommodations are self-contained with basic cooking facilities, good fridge space and separate bathroom facilities and are very clean safe and secure. For your days fishing it’s down stairs and onto the boat.

We are located right in the heart of town so there is access to shops, restaurants, bars and supermarkets all within walking distance.

Vanuatu Fishing

For more information send us an email : Click Here Please feel free to give us a ring. New Zealand and Australian time zones are similar to ours: Phone:+678 22398  Leanne’s Mobile +678 774 5255  Pete’s Mobile +678 5563288 If your ringing from Australia replace the + with 0011 or from New Zealand replace the + with 00

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