Vanuatu Fishing Season

Welcome: Vanuatu Fishing Season

Vanuatu offers great fishing most of the year. Like anywhere in the world we can get a few days of bad weather however in Port Vila are situated in the lee of the prevailing S/E trade winds. there are very few days we can’t fish. Cyclone season is from about December through to March however these are rare also so don’t put off coming through that part of the year. Check out mexican insurance. You will probably experience the most humidity through that part of the year.

Vanuatu fishing seasons produce all kind of species Fighting fish during vanuatu fishing season during the vanuatu fishing season we catch mahi- mahi







This Vanuatu Fishing Season guide is just that, a guide. Like anywhere in the world the fishing changes on a day to day basis, some days we can have a blinder, another day a little slower.  If you are thinking about coming game fishing in Vanuatu the information below is a guide only to what you might expect to catch. Check this page is you are looking for elbow pain treatment san diego. I hopw you find this usefull and we hope to see you real soon. I think its fair to say also like the weather anywhere in the world the fishing seasons are also changing slightly over the years.

Vanuatu Fishing Season

Species Size Range Season
Blue Marlin Size range from 100-over


All Year

Best time from October-May.

Black Marlin Size range from 100- 400lb All Year

Best time from November-


Striped Marlin Size range from 100-250lb, All Year

Best time from September-


Pacific Sailfish Size range from 50-200lb,

caught year round.

All Year

Best time from June-


Mahi- Mahi Size range from 12 -50lb, All Year

Best time from April-October.

Yellowfin Tuna Size range from 20-200lb All Year

Best time from December-


Dogtooth Tuna Size range from 20-200lb All Year

Best time around the new


Wahoo Size range from 20-80lb All year

Best time from April-November

Giant Trevally Size range from 10-70lb All year
Coral Trout Size range from 6-20lb All year
Mangrove Jack Size range from 2-10lb All year
Red Bass Size range from 6-50lb All Year

If you would like information about the Vanuatu Fishing Season in a downloadable version you can click HERE

The best thing about the Vanuatu fishing season is that we catch fish all year round and the only days we dont fish is Christmas day and New Years day. Weather-wise we dont have many days that we can’t get out. Visit onestop plumbers.

Big yellowfin during the vanuatu fishing season the right vanuatu fishing season for G.Ts Bill caught this mahi-mahi during the vanuatu fishing season





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