“These 2 are fishing fanatics”

We received a phone call from a resort we do some work with http://www.thehavannah.com/ asking if Shogun was available for a day charter. After everything was arranged our guests Paul and Bell arrived several days later wet to the skin but busting to go fishing. They had hired a beach buggy to travel around in however there was a torrential downpour during the night and into the next morning leaving them trying to get back into Port Vila holding and umbrella where the roof should be trying to keep dry. We started fishing the F.A.D however there was not a lot happening. After drifting baits then dropping a bonito down to the depths we were hooked up on a shark of good size. From there it was on to Devils Reef. As soon as we got there a mahi-mahi climbed on. The action was steady through out the day with several more mahi-mahi turning up.

These 2 intrepid anglers have the good fortune to live in Darwin and have their own boat so they are fish constantly however Paul hadn’t caught a marlin so that was the main aim for the day. Just after lunch we had a strike however no hook up. Gun deck hand Sam shot out a bait on 15kg that he had earlier prepared and we were on. Well on for a short amount on time.  In the passing over of the rod we ended up with a small overrun on the reel and a bust off.

No sooner that that happened we had another strike, this time a sail was well and truly on. As this was all happening the marlin that we had just broken off came jumping past the boat on the starboard side close enough to just about free tag it. Exciting stuff.


A couple more mahi-mahi were caught and the last I saw of Bell and Paul they were heading off to Havannah Resort again to have some of the fish cooked and were planning to sit at the table on the end of the jetty overlooking Havanah Harbour.

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