The Volcano was on Fire.

We had a memorable trip up to Epi A couple of weeks ago. It was straight after the Marlin Classic where we didn’t go so well as we just didn’t raise enough fish. We cleaned the boat after the Classic, loaded up with food, water and beer and we were away with the Paul Sharp group consisting of Paul, Kelvin (I be back), David and Steve.
First up we nailed wahoo at the f.a.d then about and hour and a half later a marlin jumps on then later in the afternoon another one volunteers for a tag. Not a bad day, where were they in the days before. The next day saw us off to De Chaulliac Bank for some great yellow fin action another marlin strike, another good day. Day 3 we headed out to Lopevi Volcano with Paul ordering a sail fish as we got under way. On arrival we turned up a yellow fin then a triple of fin.
No more than 100 meters further on a double strike of sails with both finally dropping off. Conditions were a bit scruffy so we ducked in behind the volcano for lunch then off around it again. This time the action was even hotter, we were hard pressed to get the gear back in the water after each hookup before we got nailed again. The wahoo action was thick and fast and most around the 20 to 25kg mark. As one of the wahoo we had a second strike, this time the sail stayed on and received a tag to the delight of Kelvin(I’ll be back) It was an awsome days fishing and a delight to give the fish to the local villagers that evening back at Lamen Bay.
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Capt. Pete Phillipps

Jurassic Park

Kiwi spearfishing ace Darren Sheilds has been back in town with a team of intrepid divers looking for the big yellow fin and dogtooth tuna. They opted to try Wild Blue Charters live away trip that utilizes the Kakoola Island Resort to the north of Port Vila.

The first few days saw the boys diving the F.A.D’s which proved to be slower than usual with only a few mahi-mahi and wahoo to be seen. Later in the week they spent a couple of days diving Scotts Rock which is located north east of Vila. Darren made mention after the trip that is probably one of the most amazing places he has ever dived, a bit like Jurassic Park. Lots of dogtooth tuna however the boys had difficulty getting fish to the boat due the large amount of sharks.

Were are running trips out of Kakula Island Resort, Tranquility Island Resort and of course or famous Epi trips.

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Capt. Peter Phillipps


The Vanuatu Marlin Classic

The Vanuatu Marlin Classic has been run and won. With eighteen local and overseas teams fishing this year the action was a little slow with 20 marlin being raised and 5 marlin being tagged over the seven days. This comp is tag and release only and point are awarded for the most marlin tagged on the lightest tackle which ranges from 60kg down to 15kg. The first fish tagged was on Ultimate Lady putting them in the lead on day one. There was a lot of strikes with no hookups experienced by many teams and a lot of bust offs as a lot of teams were opting to fish 15kg to maximize their point as most teams were only getting one strike a day. Some great yellow fin were popping up occasionally with some in the 70kg range and some wahoo and mahi-mahi changing the pace of each day. One of the bigger marlin tagged during the comp was a 250kg fish on 24kg. This was caught by Demon Jigs, Steve Badman fishing team B on Ultimate Lady. The eventual winners were local anglers fishing on In Deep who were the first team to tag a marlin on 15kg.
Cpt Pete Phillipps

Calm Seas and North Westerly’s.

In spite of a long period of overcast weather and north westerly wind from 10 to 15 kts, and about a degree too high water temp for this time of the year the fishing has been still good. It has required some extra effort from skippers to find fish.
We are still seeing marlin, one a day rather than the usual two or three. Yellow fin are still popping up 15 to 60kg and mahi-mahi are around the F.A.D’s.
The Port Vila Game Fishing Club hosted Easter 6kg Tournament form Havana Harbor on Easter Saturday and Sunday. A small field of five boats entered this year with most choosing to fish off Nguna Island. Some of the more outstanding captures were Fred Timminck’s 15kg Doggy on 4kg, Michelle Timminck’s 13 .6 wahoo on 6kh backed up by a 17.4 kg wahoo on 6 the following day.
The top boat went to Reel Capture with Half Cut second and Nevergiveup third.
Six new Vanuatu records were claimed for the 2 days.

Shogun has been out and about on live–away trips with the return of Richard and Bonnie Lorenzin from Sydney on now their 4th fishing trip through the islands. We spent 3 days fishing out of Epi where it was just a little slow however Bonnie managed to claim a Vanuatu tuna record and tag a nice sail fish. By the end of the trip Bonnie starting to put pressure on Richard to do 5 days live aboard next year and a few less in the resort

Kiwi’s Garry Townley and Justin Stokes flew in from Indonesia where they are currently working for another week of fishing action. With trips to Erromango sea mounts and Nguna Island they managed a full array of species. Justin managed a Vanuatu record with a 33kg G.T on 37kg tackle which was one of the high lights of his trip.
Garry has been fishing with me for about 5 years now and still hasn’t been able to land a good dogtooth tuna and this trip was no exception with continually getting broken off on the reefs by unstoppable fish. These boys have booked another couple of trips for the year so I’m sure he will be successful. Garry brought his son’s out for a couple of days fishing and Sean caught more fish than anyone else on the boat and Alex nailed a couple of junior records for mahi – mahi on light and ultra light tackle.

I am just about to start a 6 day trip with a couple that have just flown in from the U.K so until next time, good luck at the weigh in
Regards Capt Pete Phillipps

Doing a Doggy in the Dark

It has been another fantastic couple of week fishing here in Vanuatu.

The Port Vila Game Fishing Club hosted the annual “Doing a Doggy in the Dark”. This is tournament aimed at targeting dogtooth tuna and fishing commences late afternoon into the night. The winner was Johnny Ware the full time deck hand on V-Factor with a 45.4kg doggy. Johnny and skipper Andrew Hibgame have now won this tournament for the last 2 years so well done guys.

Gary Townley and his mates Justin and Hayden made their 6th annual trip to fish with yours truly on Shogun and took the Epi Trip option. Despite overcast weather and a couple of slightly rough days we got amongst some amazing fishing. The boys got cleaned up on quite a few dogtooth tuna that weren’t stoppable on light tackle however once the heavier gear was deployed we caught some good doggies and G.T’s on the sea mound that dot the areas amongst the picturesque island system. On return back to Port Vila 5 days later there were flags from the top of the outrigger to the bottom. The only species not caught was a sail fish, black and striped marlin. On departing the boat they proceeded to my booking office and booked 2 trips for next year.

John Duncan also returned with his mates Mark and Mike for their annual trip with us. These guys would have to receive the hard luck award; in 4 days fishing we had 6 marlin bits and only one capture. The fish were not feeding aggressively and were either not hooking up or falling of after 10 to 15 min. To further add insult we had a sail fall off after 10 minutes on the rod. The boys saw some good wahoo action.
On one of Johns lay days I took out a charter for John Robinson and his friends. It was a special occasion beings Johns birthday so the boys were pumped. During the boat brief before leaving the dock I asked John what he would like to catch and his reply was that he was keen to catch a sail fish. Within 10 minutes of lures in the water just off Pango Point 20min from the dock we had a 40kg sail hooked up and tagged in a further 12 minutes. Well done John and happy birthday.

We head into the next week with a mini tournament with 3 boats for a group out of Australia then I’m off to Epi again.
Until next time “Good Luck at the Weigh In”