Our Latest Spearfishing Trip

Hey Guys

Just a quick report on our Vanuatu trip which was just Awesome with some amazing new dive sites found and some great fish landed!

We had good weather, crew, food, fish and vis.

Some of the sites had an amazing amount of current running over them up to 4-5 Knots!

This made for some very good doggie country and a few big ones were seen in these areas but very hard to dive to with the currents like they were.

But in one spot Brandon managed a nice 36kg Dogtooth in 10m of water and no currents so you just never know where you might see one aye.


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“Selective fishing today for tomorrow.”


The Fishing Family

Game fishing in Vanuatu can certainly be a family affair. Brian, Lindy, Brian Jnr and Tim are back again to Vanuatu for the third time and have just done another days fishing with us. We had a great day on the mahi -mahi and we had a couple of marlin on playing with our skip bait’s however the wouldn’t eat them (Too well fed)
The conditions were superb and great deal of fun was had by all. Everyone caught at least one fish. They will back later in the week to do some Scuba diving with us.

Craig has just compled his third trip

Craig Bellgrove and his mates came in to fish Vanuatu for the third time. They took the Kakoola option this trip and caught heaps. Day one we raised three marlin and tagged two. We also picked up a mahi-mahi at the Mosso Fad  that made the dinner table that evening.

Day two had us off to the Eastern Seamound for a blinder. On arrival we were greeted by multiple strikes of yellowfin. The jigging proved just a little slow except for the first drop when Steve caught his first dogtooth at 25kg. We had a lot of fun catching wahoo on jigs close to the surface which was a first for the boys. We spent 3 hour fishing the area and headed home when we were unable to fit any more fish in the storage areas in the boat.

Day three the team opted to only do 1/2 a day as the boys had some business to conduct so we spent a bit of time a Nguna Island with no result. The score for the day was 1 x 20kg wahoo in Undine Bay.

Craig finally caught a dogtooth that he has been chasing for some time on day 4 at Monument Rock near Mataso Island however there wasn’t much else happening there. The Mataso Seamount turned up a few more yellowfin and a wahoo.

Day 5 we headed back to the Eastern Seamound again hoping to repeat the day earlier in the trip in less than favorable conditions. On arrival we found a few birds moving around but we couldn’t get a bite. After getting beaten up in the conditions for some time we decided to shorten the day and hear home. Just to ad insult to injury we had a marlin jump on and off on the way back to Kakoola.

Day six was head home day so we gave the Mosso F.A.D a good work out and caught a heap of good mah-mahi then headed further south. As the day unfolded we picked up another couple of good size mahi-mahi with one at 17kg for Steve. There was plenty of birds working however they were just following the schools of skipjack that were passing through. We picked up a couple around the 10kg mark. A good sized rainbow runner gumped on at Pango Seamound to round out our day and complete the trip. I spit of a couple of rough day the fishing once again in Vanuatu proved to be very good.

Another Epic Adenture in Epi

Carl Muir for Epic Fishing Adventures in Tairura in N.Z can fishing in Vanuatu with another group of intrepid anglers to fill out the end of July. Carl brought his friend Tony Huang  the owner of Yee-Haa tackle in Auckland who was accompanied by his lovely wife Sabrina, Julian Oon  and Mick Wessels These guys are all self confessed jig and popper nuts.

Day one saw us head out of town towards Kakoola via the fads in search of action. Twenty min into it a blue marlin climbed on the shotgun which Sabrina battled for 20 min which suddenly ended with a pulled hook. Mosso fad turned up a mahi-mahi then it was on to Nguna for some jigging.

The action was steady there with the boys getting smoked on 3 good sized dogtooth. Doggies three- anglers zero.

After a great night at Kakoola it was on to a sea mound 25nm S.E of for more jigging. On arrival we had a triple hook-up of yellow fin that get everyone back into action.

The jigging proved to be a little slower than it usually is at this spot however the boy managed to get smoked no less than 4 more times. Big doggies can destroy tackle. The rest of the day was very slow as we fished our way to Epi.

Wednesday saw us head to Maskelyne Islands where we had a ripper. The doggies were a little reluctant to play however the G.T action was thick and fast. Three good sized fish were caught, photographed and released while casting poppers along the eastern side of the island and another 2 caught and released on the southern point of Maskelyne island. Finally Mike nailed a 20kg doggy to break our doggy voodoo

Thursday we headed to DeChauliac Bank for some Jigging where the action was good however we were smoked on a few doggies with only small ones coming on board. Next stop was the Maskelyne Islands again for some more G.T popping. Tony was of fire again with another 25kg G.T captured and released.

The trip home on the last day was rough and slow with only one Mahi-mahi being caught. The day was rounded of with a big night at the Friday night B.B.Q and everyone leaving for the airport at midnight for a trip home to New Zealand.

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