Richard and Bonnie fishing in Vanuatu for the 8th year.

When it comes to fishing in Vanuatu there is no keener than Richard and Bonnie.

Each you we come up with a trips or should I say fishing adventure for these two keen anglers. This year we opted to take a run up to Santo which is about 160nm north of Port Vila here in Vanuatu. The first day was a long run to the Maskelyne Islands at the bottom of Malakula. We turned up some reasonable fishing with a double hookup on sail fish and saw some mahi-mahi action.

A night was spent on Shogun and a great mahi-mahi B.B.Q was enjoyed on board. With an early departure the next morning saw us heading further north along the coast of Malekula toward the sea mounts in the Bouganvile Straight just south of Louganville on the island of Santo.

Wahoo and mahi-mahi were caught during the day and lots of yellow fin seen but remained elusive to catch. Just short of the sea mounts a marlin climbed on the promptly fell off with our lure still hanging out of its mouth. It turns out we had gear damage that went undetected from a previous wahoo strike showing that it doesn’t matter how often gear is checked things can still get missed and great fish lost.

At the sea mounts the action was thick and fast. The rainbow runners and small tuna were thick and fast and Richard being a light tackle fanatic, he was in his element. From there it was on to Luganvile and Richard and Bonnie disembarked and headed to the Deco Stop for a couple of cool drinks and some famousĀ  Santo beef.

The next day was spent fishing around Aurie with not a lot of action.

We left bright and early on day 4 and headed back south to Epi Island. Early in the day a sail fish climbed on and then fell off . That night was spent at Sunset Paradise Bungalows and we were off the next morning on route to the Shepard Islands.

We stopped for a bit of popping at the back of Epi and not long into the casting Richard hooked up on a G.T that couldn’t be stopped on 37kg. It was a spectacular 30 seconds before being busted off on the reef. Richard then hooked up on a smaller on however it fell off close to the boat.

The rest of the day was spent catching big coral trout,rainbow runners, big mac tuna and a doggy.

Another night was spent on board Shogun behind Laika Island. The next day was spent heading home trolling south between Emae and Makura Islands and on to Mataso sea mount. We got amongst some yellow fin and wahoo there then continued onto the Marlin Highway. Just before the Tuki-tuk F.A.D a blue marlin climbed on and Richard soon had this one to the boat for a tag and photo and then sent on its way. The gear was reset and about 15 min later another blue climbed on and this time it was Bonnie in the chair. This was Bonnie’s first marlin and a good one at that at around 220kg. In about 30 min it was by the boat and photographed and sent on its way.

From there it was a run home and the end of another adventure.

Well done Richard and Bonnie and we are working on next years adventure. If you would like us to put together a Vanuatu fishing holiday package please get in touch with us.