Epic Adventure: There Back

Cpt. Carl Muir from Epi Adventures out of Tiarua, N.Z
arrived in Port Vila with 4 of his client to fish from Epi earlier in the month. Air Vanuatu put a small spanner in the work by off loading the boys specialized jigging rods before the plane left Auckland. They were to arrive a few days later however we were to leave at 5.00am the morning after they arrived. After some cobbling together we had enough gear to get the job done.

The trip turned out to be on the slow side however we turned up some fish each day. On the way up to Epi we picked up some good sized mahi-mahi, “Bill catching a couple of rippers” and ran into a school of yellow fin and at one stage had 5 on to catch 4. Toward the end of the first day a sail volunteered itself for a tag.The various seamounds around Epi failed to turn on the usual dogtooth action despite lots of jigging and towing baits on the downrigger.
Bushy dig manage a couple of very respectable G.T., one on a jig and one on bait. Euan caught a very health 61kg yellow fin to the west of the DeChaulliac Seamound to make his day. Even though we had to work hard for the fish each day everyone nailed a personal best. The only marlin we saw was one swimming into the gear and out again on the way home.

For any Kiwi anglers that might be interested in fishing up here in Vanuatu for a week however find it difficult to get a group together contact Carl via the attached web site above. He organizes a great trip and Carl himself is a great character and a lot of laughs.

Cpt: Pete Phillipps


Their Third Trip

New Zealanders Peter Wise, Mike Rolo, Geoff Ward and new team member Dave Carville made their third trip to Vanuatu on the 11th on May. In previous years the boys have stayed in our accommodation at Nautilus and fished out of Port Vila each day with great results.
This year they decided to do the Epi Island live ashore option at Lamen Bay and had a great time. Day one was slightly slower than expected however there was still plenty of sashimi and fish for the B.B.Q with the random wahoo and mahi-mahi action. Day two Mike nails a dogtooth at De Chauliac Bank that made his day. Dave was a bit disappointed when a blue marlin dropped off later in the afternoon.
Day three started in a much better tone with a double hook–up on sails within 10 minutes of lines in the water. Dave’s was on first and then falling off to add insult to injury from the previous day. Geoff managed to get his alongside the boat for a nice tag shot however the fish was finally boated as it was not in fit enough condition to be released due to an injury. The rest of the day saw a flurry of wahoo activity around Lapevi Volcano and Palma Island. The day was rounder out with some doggy fishing on the end of Lamen Island where Pete captured himself a nice green job fish that made its way to the dinner table that night.
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Wild Blue Fishing Charters. Port Vila Vanuatu

35.5Kg Doggy

We have completed a great back to back trip with spearfishing guru Kane Grundy from Extreme Freedom . Kane has been bringing groups of divers to these parts for a few years now. On last years trip Kane said he wanted to do something different with his next trip so we pulled a package together for him. The first week was based out of Kakoola Island Resort which is a great little retreat to the northern end of Efate(Port Vila)This gave us access to some areas which haven’t been dived by Kane’s groups. Each day was spent heading in different directions such as Scotts Rock (Now named Jurassic Park due to the amount of shark activity and the difficulty the divers have in landing fish before they get munched), Monument Rock the Mosso Fad and lots of untried areas. The boys got some great results with dogtooth being landed most days along with wahoo, mahi-mahi yellow fin and marlin sightings. On the last dive of the last day of week one Kane pulled off a Vanuatu record dogtooth at 35.5kg captured at Tuki-Tuk Point.

The Volcano was on Fire.

We had a memorable trip up to Epi A couple of weeks ago. It was straight after the Marlin Classic where we didn’t go so well as we just didn’t raise enough fish. We cleaned the boat after the Classic, loaded up with food, water and beer and we were away with the Paul Sharp group consisting of Paul, Kelvin (I be back), David and Steve.
First up we nailed wahoo at the f.a.d then about and hour and a half later a marlin jumps on then later in the afternoon another one volunteers for a tag. Not a bad day, where were they in the days before. The next day saw us off to De Chaulliac Bank for some great yellow fin action another marlin strike, another good day. Day 3 we headed out to Lopevi Volcano with Paul ordering a sail fish as we got under way. On arrival we turned up a yellow fin then a triple of fin.
No more than 100 meters further on a double strike of sails with both finally dropping off. Conditions were a bit scruffy so we ducked in behind the volcano for lunch then off around it again. This time the action was even hotter, we were hard pressed to get the gear back in the water after each hookup before we got nailed again. The wahoo action was thick and fast and most around the 20 to 25kg mark. As one of the wahoo we had a second strike, this time the sail stayed on and received a tag to the delight of Kelvin(I’ll be back) It was an awsome days fishing and a delight to give the fish to the local villagers that evening back at Lamen Bay.
Check our web site for info on these fishing adventures as well as others.
Capt. Pete Phillipps

Jurassic Park

Kiwi spearfishing ace Darren Sheilds has been back in town with a team of intrepid divers looking for the big yellow fin and dogtooth tuna. They opted to try Wild Blue Charters live away trip that utilizes the Kakoola Island Resort to the north of Port Vila.

The first few days saw the boys diving the F.A.D’s which proved to be slower than usual with only a few mahi-mahi and wahoo to be seen. Later in the week they spent a couple of days diving Scotts Rock which is located north east of Vila. Darren made mention after the trip that is probably one of the most amazing places he has ever dived, a bit like Jurassic Park. Lots of dogtooth tuna however the boys had difficulty getting fish to the boat due the large amount of sharks.

Were are running trips out of Kakula Island Resort, Tranquility Island Resort and of course or famous Epi trips.

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Capt. Peter Phillipps