Our Latest Spearfishing Trip

Hey Guys

Just a quick report on our Vanuatu trip which was just Awesome with some amazing new dive sites found and some great fish landed!

We had good weather, crew, food, fish and vis.

Some of the sites had an amazing amount of current running over them up to 4-5 Knots!

This made for some very good doggie country and a few big ones were seen in these areas but very hard to dive to with the currents like they were.

But in one spot Brandon managed a nice 36kg Dogtooth in 10m of water and no currents so you just never know where you might see one aye.


More Photos and trip reports here

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Graeme and the Boys are Back

We had just finished a 3 day charter with a group of Kiwis. One day being lost due to bad weather and its Sunday morning and time to take them to the airport and pick up the next group. Graeme Watson and his mates Dave, George and Blare were arriving for their third trip with me. As they hoped into the truck and we headed for town the sun popped out again, the wind went back around to the S.E and thing were looking good for our early start the next morning. After a 5am departure on Monday we were out heading north for Epi in flat magnificent conditions. A couple of mahi-mahi surrendered to the fish bin at Mosso F.A.D to start proceedings. A run past Cooks Reef turned up a couple of nice 20kg+ wahoo and on to Epi. Fifteen miles out from Lamen Bay we had a triple strike of blue marlin with 2 sticking , then another falling off leaving Blare to do battle with a nice 100kg fish which received a tag.
Day 2 had us heading for the Maskulin Island group for some G.T and doggy hunting.
A good sized doggy hit the shotgun and fell off promptly after it straightening the hook.
Grahame caught himself a nice dogtooth of about 30 kg which had a narrow escape when a shark took a bite out of its tail.
Day 3 we had a blinder with over 200kgs of wahoo, mahi-mahi and dogtooth being caught. The locals in Lamen Bay were very great full for the fish given in exchange for fresh fruit for the boat.
Day 4 was spent chasing sails and more doggies however not successfully with only one sail raised.
Day 5 we arriver home with 4 mahi-mahi and a rainbow runner in the bin.
It was a great trip and the boys have threatened to return again.