Stuart and Steve doing Fishing Charters In Vanuatu

Fishing Charters In Vanuatu

I have been doing fishing charters in Vanuatu for 11 years now and  I really there is still one thing that really gets up my nose. Trying to match customer expectation to reality. The day before  I took Stuart and Steve fishing I had a customer that had booked an 8 hour charter. He hopped on the boat with his son and a friend and as I was doing my boat and safety brief he said mate don’t worry too much about all this I just want to wind in big fish. I went on to explain that game fishing is a numbers game and that we have been having some great days and a few slower ones. His reply was he wasn’t interested in the slower ones and that he saw a show we did with Escape With E.T and wanted the same sort of action. I went on to explain the 8 minutes of content that was shown took a week to shoot.

Fishing Charters In Vanuatu

To cut a long story short by 10.30am we had 3 small tuna in the boat and we were working Tuki-Tuk F.A.D with some baits fishing for mahi-mahi. Conditions were a little sloppy and windy and we managed to get a bait caught on the F.A.D.

I backed up and  Tommy the decky unhooked it. Several minutes latter I saw Tommy looking at me a little bewildered and I asked what was wrong. Tommy came up onto the fly-bridge and said our angler was swearing at his son. I climbed down and asked if all was O.K and said if was anything to do with the bait hooking the F.A.D it wasn’t his son’s fault. the angler said it is was about his son getting his runners wet as we were backing up. He then started on me about the lack of big fish and that he demanded to be put int fish.  By this stage I had all that I was going to take and told him I was terminating the charter and from there headed home.

Fishing Charters In Vanuatu

The next morning Stuart and Steve arrived for their charter on Shogun and as I was doing my brief again Steve says all he wants is to catch plenty of fish. Need less to say my reaction was not probably as they expected and I must admit I wasn’t that proud of how I handled the situation. As the day unfolded the boys caught quite a few good fish and a great day was had by all.

I discussed the issue with the boys later on and apologized for my reaction and what came from the discussion is that a lot of operators web sites over state and over promise what they can in reality deliver. I had this same situation a week before when I did a charter for a fishing tour wholesaler, the guest were sold something that wasn’t real and we at the coal face have to mange this and try and fix disappointment.

I think sometimes fishing shows don’t help the cause nor do people putting footage of fish being caught and not stating where the footage was shot as sometimes it might be a day from port however anglers are led to believe they are going to see this action on a 4 hour charter 5nm from the jetty.

I try and manage expectation and reality by encouraging customers to ring me before they come or book anything. I carry a mobile phone on me at all times and the time zone here is similar to New Zealand and Australia so if you want to know what is being caught or you want to target a species ring me for some advice. If you cant reach me ring the office and  Leanne my partner and she will update you or pass on the message to me and I’ll get back to you and when it comes to Fishing Charters in Vanuatu I promise I will not over state and under deliver.