Some People Have All The Luck

I’ve been running charters here in Vanuatu for a lot of years now and it still astounds me how some anglers are lucky and other aren’t. I had a group of guest fly in from Australia and the evening before we were to leave on a six day adventure through the islands we were going through a safety and tackle brief so we would be ready to head off early the next morning. Two of the guest had fished with me for the last couple of years and I had two new guests. We were running through how to use Black Magic gimbals and harnesses when one of the new guests says he is not to interested in the demonstration, he would work it out on the day much to my dismay. He went on to inform me he has done heaps of fishing however never been game fishing before and that he will catch the most and the biggest anyway because he always does.

To cut a long story short the first fish for the day was an 80 kg blue marlin and the second was a 120kg blue caught by our new gun angler, harness on upside down and all. It was a pretty impressive effort for his first attempt on standup as well. The next day at a secret sea-mound I fish, on the first drop on his first attempt at jigging he hooks and boats a 25kg dogtooth tuna and hauls in a couple of good sized yellow fin, all on jigs. For the week we were away we caught a heap of fish and every angler caught personal bests. By the time we had got home our gun had out fished everyone with a 17.5 kg mahi- mahi, 25kg wahoo and numerous other fish of note leaving everyone shaking their heads. To my amazement his angling skills had improved out of site as well. Thank goodness for lucky anglers.

Capt. Pete Phillipps

Wild Blue Fishing Charters.

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