Mark Goes Game Fishing In Vanuatu And Nails A Few

Fishing In Vanuatu is great most days and even better others. Mark came to Vanuatu to complete some work on a turtle monitoring program out on Mosso Island just north of Port Vila. He was staying in town for a day or two before he headed out to the island and heard the yellow fin were about and asked us if we could fit in a 4 hour charter. We shot out after lunch and headed for Pango Bird. A couple of hours into the trip a blue marlin of about 60kg climbed on and was soon released by the boat. Less than an hour later we had about 3 strikes, one being a mahi-mahi and the other 2 yellowfin. the only one that stuck was the yellow fin and after an hour battle turned out to be a 60kg model. Mark booked another charter for his return from the island so having a little longer time we headed north. By late morning we caught another blue marlin. this time it was much bigger at about 140kg and latter in the afternoon caught and released a nice sail fish at about 30kg. I reckon mark had a pretty good couple of days fishing here in Vanuatu.

Mark Lumsden catches 2 blue marlin and a 60kg yellowfin and  a sail fish while fishing in Vanuatu

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