Deep Sea Fishing In Vanuatu

The deep sea fishing in Vanuatu has for most parts of the year been spectacular. We have been very busy with 1/2 day and day charters with both Stormbird and Tanveral. We have also been very busy on Tanveral going up as far as Tranquility Island.  This has been giving us lots of options up north of Port Vila.

Since we lost Shogun in the cyclone in March this year we haven’t been going to Epi and the Maskelynes as we struggle with fuel and and carrying enough food and gear on Tanveral. We have just done a deal on a couple of other vessels that are more than adequate for these trips. We are also now able to do full live aboard trips as well.  More about the boats available further down this post.

This will give us access to our old favorites Epi and the Maskelyne Islands as well. We have been going to the Maskelyne Islands for about 8 year however the trip from Epi always ate into our day and limited the fishing time there. We now have an arrangement with a local and his village and have some very good accommodation available for our anglers. For those that have done our Epi adventure the accommodation is better than Sunset Bungalows in Lamen Bay or we now have the option of doing full live aboard and still fish these areas.

What this has given us access to is some of the best popping and jigging spots you will get in the islands. I have attached a short video of some of the fish from the last 4 trips into these waters.

Check Out Some Of Fish We have Caught On The Last Couple Of Charters To Epi And The Maskelyne Islands

We have also renovated our Bunk house and Studio apartment which for those that don’t know are located right in the heart of town. If you are looking to do some day charters out of Port Vila this is just perfect, down the stairs and onto the boat.

Bunk House Accommodation

        image                   image

Studio Accommodation

        image                image

Now for those of you that haven’t done a trip like this with us we organise your pick up from the airport or you just hop into a taxi and come to our premises which is in the heart of Port Vila. You stay with us in the accommodation listed above. We normally leave about 5am the following day and fish north usually past a F.A.D or 2 then along the marlin highway fishing for marlin, wahoo, yellow fin, mahi-mahi and other species. This is an 80nm trip so you normally end up getting 10 to 12 fishing hours. We then anchor up at Lamen Island and stay with Chief Tasso at Sunset Bungalows.

image           image          image

image           image          image

Deep Sea Fishing In Vanuatu:

We have a couple of options. For those that want to catch wahoo, sail fish and do some jigging we head to Lapevi Volcano. This is a very active volcano that rises 1,500Ft above the ocean. This is a great option for trolling for toothy critters and we break the day up with a bit of jigging, popper casting and some dead and live baiting.

image                image

For those that are fanatical about jigging and popping we will take you to the Maskelyne Islands. Most days we see amazing doggy and G.T. action.  Most of the fish in the first video were caught in the area circled on the map below. The accommodation is very good for island style with the only complaint being the chooks wake a few people early.

imageimage  image  image image  image  image

We have been spending a night here and getting plenty of time fishing these waters. There is no reason that we can’t stay a couple on nights if you are into this style of fishing. We then head back to Lamen Bay (Epi) trolling past and if we have time jigging on DeChaliac Bank which is a sea mount that comes up to 100m from about 600. In years gone by this has been amazing fishing there however this last year it hasn’t fired as well as expected so we have been spending less time there. As you can see we break up the days with a few different styles of fishing and we are flexible on where we go and what we fish for.

We always leave for home from Cheif Tasso’s at Lamen Bay because if the wind has got up we can travel about 10 miles home in the lee of Epi Island adding to the comfort of the trip home.

Once again on the way home we normally see marlin, wahoo and mahi-mahi action.

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Everything is provided in the cost of the charter. Top quality game fishing tackle, popping and jigging gear and stick bait gear, 100s of lures, bottled water a limited amount of soft drinks, (if you drink a bottle of bourbon a night and you need a crate of coke I recommend you bring a box or 2), The food on board the boat is fantastic and is all prepared by my better half Leanne and there is always a heap of snacks and fresh fruit. We also swap fish for fruit in the islands. The evening meals in the villages are very good and we bring along steaks, sausages and chops to add to the local produce so don’t worry you wont loose any weight. Breakfasts are usually bacon and eggs and home made pancakes and for the first and last travel days cereal, fruit and tea and coffee are all included. For those flying in on weekends the bottle shops close here in Vanuatu at Saturday lunch time so if you let us know in advance we can order a pick up and alcohol for you and you can sort out payment when you arrive. We also don’t recommend changing too much or any money at the airport currency exchange as the rate is usually not that good. We can organise money exchange for you when you get here if need be.

Most guests usually stay another day or two in our accommodation at the end of the fishing trip  and at the completion of your fishing holiday we will drop you back to the airport.

Game Fishing In Vanuatu on Escapade or Nambas

We have 2 boats available for these trips. The first Escapade is a 40Ft Luhrs specifically designed for long range fishing adventure. Escapade is a 2005 model powered by twin 500hp Yanmars. It cruises at 22kts and has a top speed of 30kts.

Our Second Vessel is Nambas

Nambas is a 40″ Blackwatch, Once again these vessels are absolutely ideal for long range fishing trips trough the islands of Vanuatu.

Please contact me for more details about these boats.


We carry plenty of fuel and water and have lots of refrigeration. We can normally cool a box of beer at a time for those that enjoy a cool one. If you stay ashore there is no refrigeration available on the islands so we set you up with an esky at night for anything you need kept cold. We also have on board phone and camera charging facilities. Our boats are also in survey and all our crew are fully accredited with the Vanuatu Maritime Authority.  Something worth checking before booking some operators in Vanuatu. We also have amazing phone coverage through out the island so those that need to stay in touch that it very doable. If you are concerned about international roaming fees I would suggest you pick up a Digicel pre-paid sim card. You can buy phone credit in the islands if need be.

As for number on these trips we have done up to 6 anglers. Its too many. Four is the most I think is good and workable and if you can afford it I think less numbers are even better. Two or three is ideal. You have far more room and rod time.

To read what others think about our operation go to: Trip Advisor

The current price is 230,000VTV for the boat per day and an additional $40.00 to $50.00 per person per night for accommodation if you chose to go ashore depending where you choose to stay. To convert to you currency go here. Currency Converter. Just type in 230,000 and find VTV or Ni-Vanuatu Vatu and then you country of origin click the arrow.

Don’t forget we also do 3, 4, 8 hour and multiple days out of Port Vila on both Stormbird and Tanveral.

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