Five Marlin in 5 Days

It’s been great again,
I finished September with another trip to Epi with North Queenslanders Doug Cowan, Anthony Richardson, Anthony Florence and Matt Whittering. We left bright and early on Sunday morning for a leisurely troll north up the marlin highway. Within a couple of hours we had our first marlin attached to the shotgun. This fish was dealt to, tagged and released in about 10 minutes. This action was followed up by another 4 marlin bites for a total of 3 tagged for the day and a nice 19.5 kg Mahi-mahi in the fish bin for dinner. The next day we back up with another 2 marlin bites 5 miles out from Lamen bay however we had a day of the dropsy’ with both fish not sticking and further adding insult we dropped a mahi-mahi and a wahoo. The next day was spent casting poppers at the base of Lapevi volcano which is still very active and spectacular. Conditions were less than favourable so we tucked into the lee of a couple of islands and found a wahoo for dinner. On our last fishing day before heading home we headed to De Chauliac Bank for some trolling a jigging. The day started slowly until 11.30 then all hell broke lose. We managed some good dogtooth tuna action, shark, wahoo and managed to get smoked just as many times as we caught fish, all on jigs. The trip home proved to be quite slow as far as fishing action however a lot of laughs were had reflecting on the previous days activities. Great stories come out of these trips with a lot of the action taking place on the veranda of the Lamen Bay guest house that we stay at ion the evenings.
We then completed a few day charters before I started a 5 day charter with the most amazing angler I have had the pleasure to skipper for. Kevin Griffiths become a quadriplegic after a swimming accident at the age of 13 however this has not slowed Kevin in life at all being a very talented artist and designer.

He is also a fanatical game fisherman spending time fishing with his mates in N.Z and travelling abroad chasing big marlin and other pelagic’s. Kev was accompanied by fish rod manufacturer and friend Paul (Radz) Radaly from Auckland and their partners. Kev was fishing 37kg using Command X.9SP fully electric and programmable reels. Day one we started with 5 x lines in the water with 2 being conventional tackle. As it would be the first marlin attached itself to a conventional rig on the shotgun. After an hour and a half Radz finally subdued a very stubborn 180 to190 blue on stand up which was cleanly tagged and released. To increase our chances on achieving Kevin’s goal we only ran the electric reels from there on. For the next 2 days we were getting a marlin bite in the afternoons with the next 2 falling off. Day 4 we went dogtooth and wahoo fishing in the morning of the island of Nguna where Kev managed a good size coral trout on the downrigger. We headed out wide in the afternoon looking for a blue and it all came together at about 2.30pm with a blue hitting the shotgun and missing then eating the long rigger. Kevin battled the fish for an hour and a half before we were able to get a tag shot and finally being released at the back of the boat in great condition.The fish was estimated to be around the 215kh mark. It had been an awesome spectacle with fish going aerial on numerous occasions. Both Radz and Kevin’s marlin were caught within half a mile of each other at a spot local skipper’s call 366 out on the marlin highway and were both caught on a Top Gun medium plunger with pearl white skirts. If you would like to know a little more about Kev and his amazing art work click here.
Congratulations Kev
Until next time good luck at the weigh in.
Regards Capt Pete Phillipps

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