Fishing Vanuatu

Vanuatu fishing is rated up there with the best in the world. So with that being a forgone conclusion how would you guarantee that you are going to have a great time and enjoy your trip to the maximum.

One of the crucial elements is having reality and expectation in order. If you were to book a four hour charter and expect to catch two marlin, three 80lb plus yellow fin and two wahoo on the way home I can tell you now the chance of all that happening is slim however not impossible. You certainly won’t catch all the above mentioned sitting on the couch dreaming about it.

There are few things to remember when looking to book a charter. The most important usually is the price of a charter and like most thing in life, you get what you pay for

Some anglers choose to share a charter with other people and in some cases they have never met the other people until the day of the charter. This works quite well for the budget conscious however if the majority want to go jigging that’s what most of the time will be spent doing and when the big one turn up it might not be your turn on the rod.

Another popular option is to organize a group of mates that are like minded on the type of fishing that they would like to do and charter a boat or do a trip overseas chasing the species they are after. This is a great way to get a few days fishing at a very affordable price. Vanuatu fishing operators offer shared charters and a lot of the larger operators run trips through the islands for up to a week at a time.

Another problem that seems to spoil angler’s trips is that some people choose to book through a travel agent or charter wholesaler. In some cases, anglers are sold an inferior product. You must do your own research. Are the species that you’re chasing running at the time of year you are looking to book? What is the weather traditionally like at the booked time of the year? Is the vessel that you are booking really suitable for the style of fishing you intend to participate in? If you are doing a trip away from you home location or overseas is the accommodation close to the operator or is it an hour travel before and after the charter? Is food included in the charter? Do I get enough fresh drinking water? What does the angler need to bring either tackle wise and personal requirements?

With the growth of the internet this was become a lot easier, you can talk directly with the operator and ask the above questions and more. If you are traveling to another destination, is someone going to pick me up from the air port when you arrive? Where do you change some money if you are traveling overseas and how do you pay for the charter and if I pay by credit card it there any additional charges?

This is pretty basic stuff however a lot of people get caught up in the excitement of heading off on a fishing adventure thinking it is going to be one thing and can end up being something else and in some cases ending in disappointment.

The reputable Vanuatu fishing operators have web sites to make contacting them easy. They are also regulated by a Charter Boat Association and the local Maritime Authority. It still pays to ask, is the vessel I am fishing on in survey, does the skipper hold a current ticket.

As previously mentioned this is pretty basic stuff however if you apply some of these ideas you will be guaranteed a great fishing adventure.

The only thing that any operator can’t guarantee is the amount of fish you will catch.

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