Fishing News Trip

Fishing News Trip Sep 2008
Day one saw the boat get away at 4.45am for a nice leisurely trip heading north to Epi in ideal conditions. Shogun run to Tuki-Tuk Fad to try and get the jump on the rest of the team however it was dead on arrival. Nevergiveup started fishing from Devils Point with V-Factor following up the rear. By weigh point 366 Shogun had a marlin in the gear only to pull off a heap of string then fall off. Some hour or so later Nevergiveup had a triple strike of Short Bill Spearfish to tag one. Well up the Marlin Highway a wahoo decided to become sashimi that evening and jumped on the Pursuit Jelly bean lure on shogun. On resetting the gear another marlin came in and had a pull on the short corner and popped it out of the clip then came back and had another pull on the same lure then hit it again and made a blistering run only to drop off again. (bugger). V-Factor was traveling just in front of Shogun and from or position I could see the boys go to battle stations. 85 kg yellow fin and they followed that up with another at about 70kg. Shogun picked up another wahoo and had a mahi-mahi rip off into the yonder and fell off. On arrival at Lamen bay on Epi Island we found Nevergiveup had already arrived and had picked up a mahi-mahi late in the day. A few cold beers and a great evening meal all ended a great first day.
Day two started with a couple of wahoo strikes first up as we left Lamen Bay and headed toward DeChauliac Bank. V-factor stuck the first blow with a couple of mahi-mahi early in the day. Nevergiveup turned east and headed up toward Lapevi Volcano and picked up a wahoo and mahi-mahi early before lunch and were then forced back to Lamen Bay with a mechanical problem. The boys from Nevergiveup ended up have a great day out with local skipper Douglas on his fishing boat and had a close encounter with a couple of G.Ts and then hooked up on a nice floating log. These guys had to take the sense of humor award as they got through the day unfazed. Shogun ended up with a couple mahi-mahi and 2 wahoo dropped and a mystery bit that pulled off 400m of string in moments and then fell of due to a broken hook. The V-Factor crew with Fishing News Assistant Editor Mark Kittredge aboard decided to break out the jigs on the DeChauliac Bank and they hammered it hard for hours however the doggies were not playing ball. Mark boated only a small one.
Day three we awoke to see a 4th boat in the harbor. Horizon had been driven up through the night to replace Nevergiveup which had developed a recurring fuel problem from some dirty fuel picked up out of drums up on a previous trip. After the boys changed some gear from one boat to the other the headed out of the harbor and east toward Lapevi Volcano and were keen to catch up on some lost ground in the fishing stakes and catch up they did. First up they nail a good wahoo and went on to tag a nice 60 odd Kg sail fish and then managed 4 x mahi-mahi, a blue fined travalley on a jig and another couple of wahoo to round out a pretty good day. V-Factor went west to the Maskelyne Islands. They had a slow day with some fish in the gear, one being a marlin and caught a wahoo, They got into some popper casting and hooked a couple of reef fish then a G.T jumped onto a popper and sped off only to break off caused by a reel failure with a drag seizure from a borrowed rod and reel. Shogun had a similar day to V-Factor with no less than 8 fish in the gear but no hookup until lunch time when a wahoo jumped onto a 15 kg rig.
Day four saw conditions unfavorable for venturing very far from Lamen Bay. We all chose to stay in close with jigging for doggies and trolling minnows and swimmers in and around the reef close to Lamen Island. There was a few fish caught on each boat but a little slow overall.
Day five was return to Port Vila with a nice early start. Shogun chose to stay for an extra hour to drift some bonito around the end of Lamen Island to have a last ditched try on turning up a good sized dogtooth tuna however luck didn’t go our way so we headed off after the rest of the fleet.
Once we were out of the lee of the island of Epi conditions were pretty rough with a good 3 to 4 meter sea on the beam. Shogun took first blood with as mahi-mahi jumping on then Horizon with a wahoo and a little later they tagged a small marlin. V-Factor picked up a treble of mahi-mahi a little closer to home.
The day was rounded out with a dinner at Moorings Hotel and some great stories exchanged and plenty of threats from anglers to come again.
For anyone wanting to join the May trip next year please contact us as soon as possible as there is only a couple of spots left.

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