Fishing in Vanuatu, Richard and Bonnies ???Trip

Fishing In Vanuatu again for Richard and Bonnie

Fishing in Vanuatu has been a favorite pastime for Richard and Bonnie Lorenzine  from Sydney Aust. The trip this year we decided to take advantage of the extremely calm conditions due to the north westerly wind that are way out of character for this time of the year and head south to Erromange and then on to Tanna . En early departure on day on saw us hooked up on a sail first thing at Pango Point. It was on to Vulcan Seamont for some yelloow fin and wahoo action. The first night was spent anchored in Dylans Bay,  Erromango. Day 2 provided lots of wahoo and doggy action and some of the best was at Goat Island just of the coast of Erromango. The third day had us heading further south to Tanna however a cyclone warning was enough to cause a change of plan and head back to Port Vila. By about 11.00am that morning we were punching through 4 to 5m seas for a long 12 hour trip home. We had a lay day the next day to let the wind subside then we were off north for more fishing. The next evening was spent anchored up at the Wahoo Bar in Havanna Harbour.

The last 2 days of fishing was a little slower than the first few day but great time was had by all.

Richard and Bonnie are booked for a 6 day trip north in Feb 2012 so stay tuned.

 Why don’t you try Fishing In Vanuatu?

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