Epic Fishing Adventures Epi Trip

Hi Everyone,
Just back from Epi an island 60Nm north of Port Vila here in Vanuatu.
We have had a group on New Zealand anglers on board headed up by fishing guide and charter operator Carl Muir from Epic Fishing Adventures in Tiarua in New Zealand. Dispite some roughish conditions the fishing was great. For the trip of 5 days we saw 4 marlin, losing a large black du to a pulled hook after a 30 min fight another followed the gear however didn’t hook up.
On day 2 we managed a pack attack of wahoo close to the still active volcano at Lapevi Island. We had 4 strikes and managed to capture 3 with the biggest being 26kg. On the return back to Lamen Bay we managed to tag and released a nice blue marlin at around 160Kg.
Day 3 we headed to DeChaliac sea mounds for another few wahoo and a nice 20kg yellow fin. I spite of spending a fair amount of time jigging we didn’t turn up and dogtooth tuna. We returned to the sea mound at Lamen Island for a couple hours of reef fishing and caught a variety of reef fish which most we released and a few taken to the village people for dinner.
Day 4 we traveled to the Maskalin Islands and back to DeChaliac for no result.
Day 5 we returned home to Vila from Epi and tagged another marlin 25nm from Epi. This was a blue at about 110kg. Several other small tuna were caught on the way home to round the trip out. All in all a good trip if just a little slow on the fish front.
Whilst fishing in these water we stay at the spectacular Lamen Bay Paradise Sunset Guest House with Chief Tasso and his family.

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