Epic Adventure: There Back

Cpt. Carl Muir from Epi Adventures out of Tiarua, N.Z
arrived in Port Vila with 4 of his client to fish from Epi earlier in the month. Air Vanuatu put a small spanner in the work by off loading the boys specialized jigging rods before the plane left Auckland. They were to arrive a few days later however we were to leave at 5.00am the morning after they arrived. After some cobbling together we had enough gear to get the job done.

The trip turned out to be on the slow side however we turned up some fish each day. On the way up to Epi we picked up some good sized mahi-mahi, “Bill catching a couple of rippers” and ran into a school of yellow fin and at one stage had 5 on to catch 4. Toward the end of the first day a sail volunteered itself for a tag.The various seamounds around Epi failed to turn on the usual dogtooth action despite lots of jigging and towing baits on the downrigger.
Bushy dig manage a couple of very respectable G.T., one on a jig and one on bait. Euan caught a very health 61kg yellow fin to the west of the DeChaulliac Seamound to make his day. Even though we had to work hard for the fish each day everyone nailed a personal best. The only marlin we saw was one swimming into the gear and out again on the way home.

For any Kiwi anglers that might be interested in fishing up here in Vanuatu for a week however find it difficult to get a group together contact Carl via the attached web site above. He organizes a great trip and Carl himself is a great character and a lot of laughs.

Cpt: Pete Phillipps


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