Calm Seas and North Westerly’s.

In spite of a long period of overcast weather and north westerly wind from 10 to 15 kts, and about a degree too high water temp for this time of the year the fishing has been still good. It has required some extra effort from skippers to find fish.
We are still seeing marlin, one a day rather than the usual two or three. Yellow fin are still popping up 15 to 60kg and mahi-mahi are around the F.A.D’s.
The Port Vila Game Fishing Club hosted Easter 6kg Tournament form Havana Harbor on Easter Saturday and Sunday. A small field of five boats entered this year with most choosing to fish off Nguna Island. Some of the more outstanding captures were Fred Timminck’s 15kg Doggy on 4kg, Michelle Timminck’s 13 .6 wahoo on 6kh backed up by a 17.4 kg wahoo on 6 the following day.
The top boat went to Reel Capture with Half Cut second and Nevergiveup third.
Six new Vanuatu records were claimed for the 2 days.

Shogun has been out and about on live–away trips with the return of Richard and Bonnie Lorenzin from Sydney on now their 4th fishing trip through the islands. We spent 3 days fishing out of Epi where it was just a little slow however Bonnie managed to claim a Vanuatu tuna record and tag a nice sail fish. By the end of the trip Bonnie starting to put pressure on Richard to do 5 days live aboard next year and a few less in the resort

Kiwi’s Garry Townley and Justin Stokes flew in from Indonesia where they are currently working for another week of fishing action. With trips to Erromango sea mounts and Nguna Island they managed a full array of species. Justin managed a Vanuatu record with a 33kg G.T on 37kg tackle which was one of the high lights of his trip.
Garry has been fishing with me for about 5 years now and still hasn’t been able to land a good dogtooth tuna and this trip was no exception with continually getting broken off on the reefs by unstoppable fish. These boys have booked another couple of trips for the year so I’m sure he will be successful. Garry brought his son’s out for a couple of days fishing and Sean caught more fish than anyone else on the boat and Alex nailed a couple of junior records for mahi – mahi on light and ultra light tackle.

I am just about to start a 6 day trip with a couple that have just flown in from the U.K so until next time, good luck at the weigh in
Regards Capt Pete Phillipps

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