Andrew Goes Marlin Fishing In Vanuatu

Marlin Fishing In Vanuatu rates up there with the best in the world. As a lot of people do these days Andrew had his holiday in Vanuatu booked and organised before he left Australia. He had contacted us a said he would like to do a couple of shared 8 hour charters while he was her. Unfortunately or more so fortunately we weren’t able to math him up with another angler so he opted to take Shogun on his own for a day.

During the boat brief Andrew mentioned some yellowfin action and a marlin would be nice however he understood that the fish pich so even a G.t would be nice.

We headed out to where the yellowfin have been frequenting of recent and there were a few birds but no action. We took a run past the Fish Aggregating Device and had a double hook up of mahi-mahi. From there is was further north and by 10.30 we were hooked up on a marlin. After about 10min this was released to fight another day.

By lunch we had a yellowfin hookup but ended with a pulled hook. We had another yellow fin strike but no cigar.

The day was rounded out with a sailfish attack at Devils Point on the way home. The sail had a put on a few lures and in spite of the boys trying hard to tease the fish up it just wouldn’t hook up. A great day out though.

Marlin Fishing in Vanuatu, come and have a go.

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