A slow week for the Dion Group

With the return of 7 angler this year out of last years 8 things were set for a good trip. Day one saw the Dion group make an early start leaving Port vila at 5.00 with a 4.30 pick up from Le Lagoon. A few of the boys managed to get an hour and a half sleep before heading out on V-Factor and Shogun in Perfect conditions. The first hookup was a wahoo on v-Factor out off Hat Island and then they lost a mahi-mahi at the back of the boat not much further on. Just past 366 Shogun had a blue marlin swim into the gear and pop the line out of the clip however it wasn’t seen again. Fifteen minutes later a sail pulled a similar stunt on the other side.
About 25 miles north of Port Vila out from Nguna Island we detected some birds playing close attention to some activity in the water and the boys on V-Factor radioed to say they were hooked up on a good fish. as we circled the work up the long rigger gets eaten by a mahi-mahi and Joel nails his first. Five minutes later we had a strike on the short corner and started losing line to again drop the fish. that instant the longer corner started screaming off line. This time it looked like we had a solid hook up. Mark jumped to battle stations and it was obvious by the amount of line we were pealing off we were on a good fish. Ten minutes into the battle the rod flicks straight and we have a pulled hook. With the gear reset we are off again after the workups of birds and the odd jumping yellow fin. ten minutes later we are on again, this time with Dion being victorious and boating a 37kg yellow fin.
With the fish moving south and us heading north a lot of miles still to cover it was time to move on. The rest of the day proved to be very quite, the only activity being Joel catching a baracootta and a few workups of bait turning up no bigger fish.
Everyone settled at Lamen Bay for the night for a well earnt couple of beers and a big feed.
Day 2. V-Factor and ourselves headed west. V-Factor making for DeChauliac Bank and we headed straight for the Maskelyne Islands. The V-Factor boy caught a small dogtooth on a jig at DeChauliac only to have it munched by a shark. We fished all round the Maskelyne’s with one bite from
a fair sized G.T only to have it fall off ½ way to the boat. V-Factor arrived and we all got stuck into some solid jigging still with no luck. We on Shogun decided to head back to Lamen Bay and have a shot on the sea-mounds for a doggy. To add insult to injury for the day a 100 odd kg marlin jumped on and off close to Pigeon Reef. It just wasn’t going our way!!!! Another solid effort was put in on the jigs to no avail. Lure were set again and about a mile from Lamen Island a reef shark ate a lure for a solid hookup. The first for the day and I have never seen a reef shark take a lure.

Day 3 both boats headed out of Lamen Bay heading towards Lapevi Volcano. Shogun had 3 strikes just a couple of miles from the mooring however as luck would have it nothing stuck.V-Factor caught a wahoo at the volcano and a yellow fin close to Ambrym and Shogun ended up with 9 mack tuna, still a slow day.

Day 4 was head back to Vila day with a nice early start. The Shogun team had a shot for a doggy close to Lamen Island without as much as a bite and then we turned for home. The yellow fin we appearing again at about the half way mark however were hard to catch. The V-Factor crew nailed a 62kg yellow fin just off Hat Island and had a couple of marlin bites a little further on then picked up a mahi-mahi just off Tuki-Tuk F.A.D to finish off the trip. All in all it was a great trip despite the slow fishing.

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