5 Day Masuino Family Holiday

The Masuino family fish with us on a regular basis and this year Maurice booked the family for a 5 day trip to the Maskelyne Islands for late November. Day 1 was very slow with a sail fish jumping on then off near Epi. The only other action was some bonito action which we made the most of on light tackle back near Hat Island. A great night was had by all at Chief Tasso’s guest house in Lamen Bay.
Day 2 saw us fishing across to Malekula with still slow action. We all went ashore at lunch time to drop all our gear at Chief Carlo’s at Sandalai Village. This is a new stay for our live-away charters, very basic however more that adequate for a meal and sleep at the end of the day. After getting everyone settled we headed out again for the afternoon bit which was much better with a couple of nice wahoo and a couple of doggies found around the inlets to this amazing island group.
The day ended well with Prue, Callum and Maurice bringing mahi-mahi, wahoo and doggie to the table.
Day three we headed out in a large loop south of Malekula to DeChauliac Bank, still slow then late morning our first marlin for the trip showed its head. It was all action for about 15 minuets then a pulled hook at the back of the boat saw and end to an approx 65kg blue marlin. Baits were deployed at the bank only to be sharked. We rounded the day out with some more fishing in close to the Maskelyne’s for some more wahoo, yellowfin and wahoo action.
Day 4 was a trip to Port Sandwich on the east coast of Malekula. We had a mystery bit just outside the entrance with line pealing off at the speed of light only to have the fish drop off. From there it was back to the good old trust Meskelyne’s for more mahi, wahoo and doggy action.
With a nice early start on day 5 we once again headed to the DeChauliac. We had a brisk morning with wahoo and mahi on early then another better sized marlin climbed on. This time we got a tag into an aprox 95kg fish. Well done Callum. There was a heap of bait on the DeChauliac with rainbow runners and skippies being caught however we still had a long trip home so we had to keep moving. Just after midday we came across a work up being followed by birds at about the ½ way point of the trip. A couple of circles were made around the bait then screaming reels for a few seconds as a couple of the smallest marlin had a shot at eating a couple of large lures with no joy. The rest of the day was slow with no action at the F.A.D’s. All in all the fish count wasn’t overly high however we saw some action most days and a ton of fun was had by all.
Fishing in Vanuatu is like everywhere in the world some days its awesome, some a little slow.

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