49.6kg Doggie

A mate of mine Maurice rang (referrer 6 Records and 10 personal bests 10/12/07)) me on Saturday morning a mentioned his son had some mates in town and that they wouldn’t mind going for a fish on Sunday. After a scan of the weather websites it was decided to make an early morning run to Erromango Sea Mounds some 40nm south to try our luck.
We had lines in the water by 7.15am and heading for bird activity. The tackle set up was 5 X37kg rigs and a couple of 15kg rods with feather lures to catch some fresh bait.
Within minutes both the 15’s were screaming to everyone’s delight. Deckhand Tom went about clearing the gear as two of our anglers started dealing to the hookups.
In no time we had a 4kg yellowfin by the boat and a happy angler that had caught his first game fish in Vanuatu. It was becoming obvious that our other fish was sizably larger as we were still loosing line at a fairly steady rate. After some reversing and maneuvering we were starting to make some headway. Approximately 15min later our second fish was on the surface which tuned out to be a very impressive 49.6kg dogtooth tuna. On official weighing the fish was claimed as a new Vanuatu record. Well done Nick who’s only previous fishing experience was catching flat head in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne.

The action remained consistent for the rest of the morning with some great tuna fishing and a nice mahi-mahi surrendering itself for our B.B.Q to be held when we got back to port. Another notable catch was a skipjack tuna record on ultra light tackle for Robyn Musuino. Robyn is on fire at the moment claiming seven Vanuatu records in 2 weeks, all on light and ultra light tackle.
It was decided to fish most of the way back to port as the sea conditions and weather were spectacular. At about the halfway mark the ratchet on the shotgun rig started crying for help with a good 100kg+ blue marlin jumping wildly out the back however managed to drop off after pulling about 300m of line off the tiagra wide.
Ten min latter we had another two marlin bites I but no hookup. Some days they just don’t stick.
The B.B.Q and cold beer was spectacular.

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