35.5Kg Doggy

We have completed a great back to back trip with spearfishing guru Kane Grundy from Extreme Freedom . Kane has been bringing groups of divers to these parts for a few years now. On last years trip Kane said he wanted to do something different with his next trip so we pulled a package together for him. The first week was based out of Kakoola Island Resort which is a great little retreat to the northern end of Efate(Port Vila)This gave us access to some areas which haven’t been dived by Kane’s groups. Each day was spent heading in different directions such as Scotts Rock (Now named Jurassic Park due to the amount of shark activity and the difficulty the divers have in landing fish before they get munched), Monument Rock the Mosso Fad and lots of untried areas. The boys got some great results with dogtooth being landed most days along with wahoo, mahi-mahi yellow fin and marlin sightings. On the last dive of the last day of week one Kane pulled off a Vanuatu record dogtooth at 35.5kg captured at Tuki-Tuk Point.

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