The Fishing News Team are back.

I take a lot of people fishing in a year and I find my job as a game boat skipper very satisfying. I get to know some fantastic people and hear some great stories and peoples philosophies on life. One of the yearly trips is the annual visit by Grant Dixon the editor of Fishing News New Zealand. Grant and his mates has been fishing with me for about 4 years now and I always feel just a bit intimidated as this guy travels the world fishing on some of the best boats and with the best operators in the world.

Grant, Pete, Dave and Trolley flew in from N.Z with the usual amount of tackle that jigging, popping and big game fisherman carry on a trip into the tropics. Our boat is full of tackle as it is so some of that had to come off.

After the usual amount of mental preparation (cold beers) the gear was rigged and we were off to dinner for some more laughs and preparation.

Day one was a run up the edge of the marlin highway and past the F.A.D’s for a quite day, only 2 mahi-mahi and a good doggy on a jig at Nguna Island.

The day ended at Kakula island which is fast becoming one of the favorite stopovers for our stay-away anglers.

Day 2 had us hearing N/E to a sea mound that gets rarely fished. Within an hour of having the gear in the water nice 120kg aprox blue marlin jumper on and put on a great display. Within about 20min it had been successfully tagged and released leaving Dave a happy man. With 20min we had another much bigger blue on and this one put on even a better display. About half an hour into the battle the fish was at the boat however just out of reach of the tag pole. On closer inspection it was discovered the fish was tail wrapped so a decision was made to break it off or break the line to release the fish so as not to kill it. Another was seen not long after free jumping in front of us however we didn’t catch that one.

On arrival at the sea mound we managed to hook a wahoo straight up followed by a triple of yellowfin. We pulled the trolling gear out of the water and started with some jigging and Trolley nailed a great doggy and the other boys were getting bites but getting busted off. We were running low on time to stay there as we were to start heading to Epi which was our next port of call which was still 60nm away. I asked to boys if they wanted to stay on the mound and stay at Kakula again for the night and it was unanimous that it wasn’t wise to drive away from fish. The day turned out well with another four doggies landed and the boat was getting lighter by the hour with the amount of year getting lost.

Our biggest was 37kg and the rest were not too far off that mark.

A couple of hour later we headed for home with a pass over Scotts Rock and on into Undine Bay with nothing else being caught for the day. Not a bad day though.

Day 3 saw us take a run to Erromango Seamound for one of the slowest days I have ever had done there. A heap of tiny mack tuna was it for the day.

Day 4 we decided to head back to our sea mound to the north east which was a couple of hours steam from port. The day was nothing like our previous visit with a few smaller doggies turning up and some reasonable yellow fin being caught on jigs in midwinter on top of the 170meter deep mound. We trolled all the way back to Kakula for no further acting.

Day5 was head home day with a run down past the F.A.D’s again for some small yellow fin and not a lot else.

All in all we had a reasonable trip, a couple of tough days however the good ones help you forget the others. For all you Kiwi’s the article will be in Fishing News due out in April.

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